Q. Can I use my certificate to make a purchase online?


A. Your certificate can not be used to make online purchases; all certificates must be redeemed physically at a store.



Q. I have more than one certificate, how many certificates can I use at one time?


A. There is always a list of restrictions printed on the certificates; please check the list of restrictions for the limit of certificates per purchase.



Q. Do I get change back if my total purchase is less than the value of my certificates?


A. No change will be provided, if your purchase price is less than your certificate value.



Q. What should I do if my total purchase is higher than the value of my certificate?


A. If your total purchase is higher than the value of your certificate, you are responsible for paying the remaining balance.



Q. What do I do if a retailer listed on your website refused to accept my certificate?


A. If you certificate has not expired, please contact a customer service representative at  tpgcustomer@tpgny.com and tell us which retailer rejected your certificate. We will then contact the retailer and let you know when you may return to use your certificate.



Q. I lost my certificate, can I get a replacement?


A. Unfortunately, there are no replacements for lost, stolen or damaged certificates.



Q. My certificate has expired, can I get a replacement?


A. Unfortunately, your certificate is a one time offer. Once a certificate has expired it can not be replaced.


For all other questions please email us at tpgcustomer@tpgny.com.